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Roland wins our prediction game!

Due to last night's hacking incident, we're unfortunately forced to cut our prediction game short. Thanks Obama! ...wait, can we still blame him for everything or has that ship sailed?

Anyway, it was a very evenly fought game. Roland got off to an early lead after day 1, but lost it to Bengan Pettersson after the second day. The lead changed hands a number of times with Hannah Shields and yours truly also taking a brief stint in the lead and it was anyone's game all the way to the final minutes of the preliminary round when Roland Wittmann sprinted past everyone and took the crown!

Congratulations Roland, we'll be in touch about your brand spanking new Team Sweden Jersey shortly! Keep an eye on your inbox! As a consolation prize, Hannah Shields from New Zealand will be getting a tin of authentic Swedish surströmming! We look forward to seeing a video of you enjoying your prize Shieldsy!

Thanks for playing everyone!

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